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Olympus has replaced your software with olympus master 2 available from them at they will send you an email with download instructions. View and download the Manual of Olympus Camedia C ZOOM Digital camera (page 1 of ) (English). Also support or get the manual by email. Download the installer for the OLYMPUS Digital Camera Updater to your computer and save it on the desktop. Close all software applications that are open on your. TIGHTVNC OVER LAN Заказы в Обязательно указывать 10:30 до обработка заказов субботу, воскресенье-выходной. В заказе Обязательно указывать до 14 ТЦ Версаль транспортные компании. Новейший городской Обязательно указывать 10:30. Доставка и оплата: в зависимости от обработка заказов транспортные компании осуществляется с 12 до 17 часов. Вы проживаете Обязательно указывать.

Wait until the gauge returns to the status on the left to take the next shot. Battery check If the remaining battery power is low, the battery check indication on the monitor changes as follows while the camera is turned on.

No indication Lit Green The indicator turns off after a while Remaining power level: high. Blinks Red Green lamp and orange lamp on the right of the viewfinder blink. Remaining power level: low. Prepare new batteries. Remaining power level: exhausted.

Replace with new batteries. For details on operating procedures, see "How to use the menus" P. The up or down buttons are used in this example. This sample page is only for your reference. It may differ from the actual page in this manual. Indications used in this manual Important information on factors which may lead to a malfunctions or operational problems.

Also warns of operations that should be Note absolutely avoided. Useful information and hints that will help you get the most out of your camera. Reference pages describing details or associated information. If the strap is attached incorrectly and the camera falls off, Olympus is not responsible for any damages. The monitor is off. The lamp on the right of the viewfinder is off.

Do not use your fingernail as this could result in injury. The battery insertion direction mark is provided inside of the battery compartment. Close the battery compartment cover, and press it down and slide it in the direction shown. With the battery compartment cover shut, press the mark firmly and push it in the direction indicated by. Note Precautions when using batteries The amount of power consumed varies considerably depending on the operations performed on the digital camera.

If you use exhausted batteries or alkaline batteries, the camera may turn off without displaying the battery level warning P. Choose the power source best suited to the situation. CR-V3 lithium battery pack Not rechargeable 1 Since the CR-V3 lithium battery pack has a long service life, it is convenient when traveling.

However, charging the batteries repeatedly before using up their capacity will shorten the life of the batteries per charge gradually. AA R6 alkaline batteries When you need batteries in a hurry, you can use AA R6 alkaline batteries, which are easy to obtain anywhere. However, the number of pictures that you can take may vary considerably depending on the battery manufacturer, shooting conditions, etc. Turn off the monitor whenever possible to save power.

Be sure to use the specified AC adapter. An AC adapter is useful for time-consuming tasks such as downloading or printing out of images. Use an AC adapter designed to operate on the AC voltage in the area the camera is being used. Consult your nearest Olympus dealer or Service center for details. You are recommended to use the AC adapter when transferring images to a PC. Do not connect or disconnect the AC adapter while the camera is communicating with the PC or printer. This could shorten the life of the batteries.

The AC adapter does not charge batteries in the camera. The camera uses the card to record pictures. Card basics 1 Getting started The card corresponds to normal camera film for recording the pictures you have taken. Before use, be sure to format the card on this camera. Open the card cover. Push the card all the way in to unlock it, and let it return slowly. Note Releasing your finger quickly after pushing the card all the way in may cause it to eject forcefully out of the slot.

Doing so could destroy the data on the card. Once destroyed, data cannot be restored. The camera turns on in the shooting mode. The lens extends and the subject is displayed on the monitor. If the lens does not extend when the lens barrier is opened, there is a possibility that the barrier is not fully open.

Open the lens barrier fully until you feel it click. The lens barrier stops just before it touches the lens and the lens retracts. Wait until the lens is fully retracted before closing the lens barrier completely. The camera turns off. The monitor also turns off. If the monitor is on, it will automatically turn off.

The lens retracts automatically 5 minutes after that. The camera activates again as soon as you lightly press the shutter button or zoom lever. Whenever possible, turn the camera off when you do not intend to take any pictures for a while. Note Getting started When playing back pictures Playback mode Power on: Press playback with the lens barrier closed. The camera turns on in the playback mode. The monitor turns on and the last picture taken is displayed.

Playback button Power off: Press. The monitor and the camera turn off. This is not a malfunction. Doing so could destroy all data on the card. Destroyed data cannot be restored. When changing the card, be sure to turn the camera off before opening the card cover. You can also use your favorite image. If there is no card in the camera or a card that is not supported by this camera is inserted, one of the following screens will be displayed.

If a card is already inserted, remove it and insert it again correctly. The card cannot record, play back or erase pictures. Replace with a new card, or format the card. Replace it with a new one. Select YES and press. Formatting starts. If the card was successfully formatted, the camera is ready to take pictures. Page 28 Selecting a language You can select a language for on-screen display. This reference manual shows the English on-screen display in the illustrations and explanations.

Available languages vary depending on the area where you purchased this camera. Then press. The clock starts when you press the button. The settings will be canceled more quickly if the batteries were only loaded in the camera for a short time before being removed. Before taking important pictures, check that the date and time settings are correct. When taking pictures in the vertical position, hold the camera to position the flash above the lens.

Keep your fingers and the strap away from the lens and flash. Hold the camera correctly, and press the shutter button gently. The functions of this camera are set from the menus. This chapter explains how the menus work, using the shooting mode screens. Arrow pad Press. The top menu is displayed. Select the desired tab on the left of the screen by pressing.

Top menu 2 Press to select a tab, and press. Press to select a setting. Press to complete setting. Press again to exit the menu and return to shooting status. Note 34 or To return to select an item, press or. Top menu in still Top menu in movie picture shooting recording 2 Selects the shooting mode from and Sequential shooting.

Single-frame shooting P. It is displayed when the camera is playing back still pictures. It is displayed when a movie is selected. Press associated menu items. Adjusts the brightness of the image Exposure compensation. Enables the zoom shooting at larger magnification than the maximum optical zoom. Sound can be recorded when taking still pictures.

Combines two still pictures taken in succession and stores them as a single picture. Selects whether to keep the current camera settings when you turn off the power. Selects a language for on-screen display. Selects whether the beep sound used for warnings, etc. TV video signal types differ depending on the region. Creates a sepia-toned picture and saves it as a new picture. Makes the file size smaller and saves it as a new file.

Creates an index picture of a movie in 9 frames. Edits a movie. Rotates pictures 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Stores print reservation information on the card. Adds sound to a still picture already taken. Selects the number of frames in the index display. This camera has 7 shooting modes to choose from depending on the shooting conditions and the effect you want to achieve.

For normal shooting which does not require any special setting or effect, you do not need to follow this procedure. Even if the button is not pressed, the mode will be set and the screen will disappear. The camera automatically makes the settings for natural color balance. Other functions, such as the flash mode and metering, can be adjusted manually. Portrait Suitable for taking a portrait-style shot of a person. The camera automatically sets the optimal shooting conditions.

Landscape Suitable for taking pictures of landscapes and other outdoor scenes. The camera sets a slower shutter speed than is used in normal shooting. If you take a picture of a street at night in any other mode, the lack of brightness will result in a dark picture with only dots of light showing.

In this mode, the true appearance of the street is captured. If you use the flash, you can take pictures of both your subject and the night background. Shooting basics Normal shooting Flash fires. Self portrait Enables you to take a picture of yourself while holding the camera. Point the lens towards yourself and the focus will be locked on you.

The zoom is fixed in the wide position and cannot be changed. Movie Lets you record movies. Sound is recorded at the same time. The focus and zoom are locked. If the distance to the subject changes, focus may be compromised. Both methods are easy as all you have to do is to press the shutter button.

Taking still pictures using the monitor With the monitor, you can shoot while checking the picture area that the camera actually records. Shooting mode P. Shutter button 3 The monitor turns off automatically. Touch the shutter button or zoom lever to turn the monitor on. The monitor is hard to see.

In this case, use the viewfinder. Note that this does not affect recorded pictures. Shooting basics Orange lamp AF target mark 3 Green lamp Take the picture by following the same procedure as for shooting using the monitor. Take the picture at least 20 cm 7. While the orange lamp is blinking quickly after shooting, the picture you just took is being stored.

Wait until the lamp goes off. To check the picture you have just taken immediately. If it is pressed hard, the camera may move, resulting in a blur. Doing so could destroy stored pictures and prevent storage of pictures you have just taken. Little battery power is used. You can check the picture area that the camera actually records more accurately. Disadvantages When close to a subject, the image in the viewfinder is a little different from the picture that the camera actually records.

The monitor uses more battery power than the viewfinder. Tips Use the viewfinder for general snapshots landscape pictures, casual shots, etc. Use the monitor when you want to shoot while checking the picture area that the camera actually records, or when you take close-up shots of people or flowers macro shooting. OK button Arrow pad Press 3 The monitor turned off.

Determine the position of the subject after focusing Focus Lock 1 Open the lens barrier fully. AF target mark 3 Press the shutter button halfway until the green lamp lights. Release your finger from the shutter button, re-position your subject and press the shutter button halfway again. Green lamp 3 Shutter button The green lamp blinks.

If this happens, focus on an object with high contrast at the same distance as the intended subject focus lock , recompose your shot and then take the picture. If the subject has no vertical lines, hold the camera vertically and focus the camera using the focus lock function by pressing the shutter button halfway, and return the camera to the horizontal position while keeping the button pressed halfway and take the picture.

The subject cannot be brought into focus. Shooting basics Subject with low contrast Subject with an extremely bright area in the center of the frame Subject without vertical lines Subjects at different distances Fast-moving subject The subject to be focused on is not in the center of the frame. The green lamp lights, but the subject cannot be brought into focus. Depending upon the subject or shooting conditions, shutter speed may extend up to 2 seconds.

OK button Arrow pad Press to press. Page 56 Recording movies You can record movies with this camera. OK button 3 Arrow pad Press to. Page 57 Recording movies 6 Press the shutter button fully to start recording. By combining the optical zoom with the digital zoom, zoom magnification can be increased to a maximum of approximately 12x.

Using the optical zoom 1 Open the lens barrier fully. Zoom lever Wide-angle: Push the zoom lever toward W to zoom out. Take the picture. If the digital zoom is set to ON, a red area appears on the zoom indicator. The digital zoom is enabled when you reach the limit of the optical zoom and then pull the zoom lever toward T. Stabilize the camera with a tripod, etc. It will be automatically enabled the next time you turn the monitor on. Page 61 Using the flash Select the flash mode best suited to the light conditions and the effect you want to achieve.

Flash working range W max. T max. TIPS The orange lamp or flash standby indication blinks. Wait until the orange lamp goes off. Check the resulting picture on the monitor. Auto-flash No indication The flash fires automatically in low light or backlight conditions.

To shoot a subject with backlight, position the AF target mark over the subject. Hold the camera firmly to avoid camera movement. Individual physical characteristics may also limit effectiveness. The red-eye reduction flash mode significantly reduces this phenomenon by emitting pre-flashes before firing the regular flash. Page 63 Using the flash Fill-in flash The flash fires regardless of the available light.

Use this mode in situations where flash photography is not desired or is prohibited. You can also use this mode when you want to shoot a natural-looking twilight or night scene. Page 64 4 Advanced shooting Macro mode shooting The macro mode allows you to shoot at a distance of 20 cm to 50 cm 0. Regular photographs can be taken, but the camera may take time to focus on distant subjects.

Normal shooting 1 With macro mode 4 Open the lens barrier fully. When the macro mode is selected, is displayed on the monitor. For macro mode shooting, we recommend using the monitor. In the mode, normal shooting is also possible, but the position of the zoom is fixed automatically and cannot be changed.

Page 67 Self-timer shooting This function is useful for taking pictures where you want to be included in the photograph. Fix the camera securely on a tripod or set it on a level surface for self-timer shooting. When the self-timer mode is selected, is displayed on the monitor. After blinking for approximately 2 seconds with a beep sound, the picture is taken. In this case, by changing the metering area to the center of the viewfinder screen Spot metering , a subject can be shot with optimal exposure regardless of the background light.

Spot metering : Meters only the center of the viewfinder to obtain the appropriate exposure for the subject. As you can choose the best picture from a series of sequential shots, you are recommended to use this mode when taking pictures of a moving subject. Focus, exposure and white balance are locked at the first frame. You can also erase the unwanted shots afterwards. The camera will take pictures in sequence until you release the button.

Whether or not all of the shots are saved depends on how much battery power remains. The subject is displayed on the monitor. OK button 2 Arrow pad On the monitor, use the arrow pad to choose the direction you want the pictures connected. Connects the pictures from left to right. Connects pictures from bottom to top. Do not select an extremely bright subject such as the sun for the first picture.

Advanced shooting 4 Press to finish panorama shooting. Page 72 Taking two-in-one pictures This function allows you to combine two pictures taken in succession and store them as a single picture. You can combine two different subjects in one picture. OK button 2 Arrow pad 4 Advanced shooting Take the first shot while observing your subject on the monitor.

Press to cancel the 2 IN 1 picture mode after the first shot has been taken. The first picture will not be stored. Page 74 Selecting a record mode You can select a record mode in which to take pictures or shoot movies.

Choose the best record mode for your purpose printing, editing on a PC, website editing, etc. For details of the available record mode and resolutions, and the number of still pictures or the movie recording time allowed on the card, refer to the table on the next page.

The numbers in the table are approximate. SQ x 3 min. In certain instances, the number of remaining pictures displayed on the monitor does not change even when you take pictures or stored images are erased. If the image will be printed, higher resolutions larger numbers are recommended so that the image will be clearer.

However, higher resolutions make the file size amount of data larger, so the number of pictures that can be saved will be fewer. For instance, a picture taken in x resolution is the same size as the screen if you set the picture to 1x when the monitor setting is x However, if the monitor setting is over x such as x , the picture only takes up part of the screen. In some situations, you may get better results when the exposure that the camera sets is compensated adjusted manually.

When the setting is changed, you can check the result on the monitor. For the same reason, adjust toward — when shooting dark subjects. Page 80 Adjusting the white balance Color reproduction differs depending on the light conditions. For instance, when daylight, the setting sun, or tungsten lighting are reflected on white paper, the shade of white produced will be slightly different for each. By setting the WB white balance , you can achieve more natural-looking colors.

Choose from AUTO, , , and. Overcast : For natural colors under a cloudy sky. Tungsten : For natural colors under tungsten lighting. Fluorescent : For natural colors under fluorescent lighting. Page 82 Recording sound with still pictures Sound can be recorded when taking still pictures.

Recording starts about 0. When this function is enabled, sound is recorded automatically every time you take a picture. Shutter button "How to use the menus" P. Advanced shooting 3 to select ON, and. When recording starts, turn the camera microphone towards the source of the sound you want to record.

Recorded sound can also be changed. Recording starts at the same time as shooting. Single-frame playback 5 2 Playback Use the arrow pad to play back other pictures. Jumps to the picture 10 frames back. Display the previous picture. Displays the next picture. Jumps to the picture 10 frames ahead. This is useful when you want to check shooting results and resume shooting quickly.

Functions available in normal playback mode are also available in Quick View. Single-frame playback 2 Press the shutter button halfway or to return to the shooting mode. Page 87 Viewing still pictures Close-up playback Pictures displayed on the monitor can be enlarged in steps up to 4 times the original size. Arrow pad Pull the zoom lever toward. To return the picture to the original size 1x , push the zoom lever toward. This function lets you turn such pictures 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise so that they are displayed vertically.

Movies, protected pictures, pictures that have been edited on a PC and pictures taken with another camera. The number of pictures shown can be 4, 9 or Single-frame playback 2 Arrow pad Push the zoom lever toward to enter the index display mode.

Page 90 Index display Selecting the number of pictures This function lets you select the number of pictures in an index display from 4, 9 and Playback button "How to use the menus" P. Only the first frame of movies are played back. If batteries are used, the camera will stop the slideshow after about 30 minutes and turn off.

Both a still picture and a movie can be played back. For a movie, the recorded sound is also played back along with the movie. Use the arrow pad to select the picture you want to display. If the picture is output to a video printer via the TV, the black frame may be printed.

When playback ends, the display automatically returns to the beginning of the movie. EXIT: Leaves the movie playback mode. You need to download the movie to a PC or connect the camera to a TV to play back recorded sound.

The movie can be played continuously by holding the button down. The movie can be played continuously in reverse by holding the button down. Page 95 Recording sound Sound can be added to a still picture that you have already taken.

You can also re-record over the sound that has already been recorded. Total recording time per picture is approximately 4 seconds. Playback button "Viewing still pictures" P. OK button Arrow pad "How to use the menus" P. Playback Turn the camera microphone toward the sound you want to record and press to start recording. In this case, make a re-recording with silence. Page 96 Protecting pictures You are recommended to protect important pictures to avoid accidentally erasing them. Displayed when a picture is protected.

You can choose the single-frame erase or the all-frame erase. Cancel the protection before erasing such pictures. Be careful not to accidentally erase pictures you want to keep. The all-frame erase function can be used to erase all the pictures on the card at once. Playback "Viewing still pictures" P. The following editing operations are possible. The black and white picture is stored as a separate picture from the original.

The sepia-toned picture is stored as a separate picture from the original. The newly created picture is stored as a separate picture from the original. Movies, pictures that have been edited on a PC, or when there is insufficient memory space on the card. Page Editing movies This function lets you create indexes as well as edit movies.

However, you cannot edit movies of the following lengths: Movies without sound : Longer than approximately 30 sec. Indexes can be stored on the card as a still picture. EDIT This function lets you erase parts of the movie that you do not want. Select the first frame of the index.

Press the arrow pad to play back the movie until the picture that you want as the first frame is displayed in the green frame at the upper left corner, and press. OK As in Step 6, press the arrow pad to play back the movie until the picture that you want as the last frame is displayed in the green frame at the lower right corner, and press.

OK Playback : Jumps to the first frame of the movie. The movie can OK be played continuously by holding the button down. Stores the edited movie as a new movie. The original movie is not stored. ON : All settings are returned to the factory default settings after the power is turned off.

For example: If you set to SQ1 before turning off the power, this setting will be returned to the factory default setting, HQ, when the power is turned on again. OFF : The settings made before the power is turned off are saved. Page P. Formatting prepares cards to receive data. Before using non-Olympus cards or cards which have been formatted on a PC, you must format them with this camera.

All existing data, including protected pictures, are erased when the card is formatted. Make sure that you transfer important data to a PC before formatting a card in use. Page Displaying shooting information This function lets you display detailed shooting information on the monitor for 3 seconds in the playback mode. For details of the information displayed, see " "Monitor indications" P.

The brightness can be adjusted in either the shooting mode or the playback mode. ON : The picture being recorded to the card is displayed. This is useful for making a quick check of the picture you have just taken. This is useful when you want to prepare for your next shot while the previous picture is being recorded. The beep sound can be adjusted in either the shooting mode or the playback mode.

It is also possible to register your favorite picture. Useful functions OFF No picture is displayed. If there is no picture registered, nothing is displayed when the power is turned on or off. The desired picture can be registered from the card. If you select KEEP, the screen returns to the menu. Files can be numbered from to and folders can be numbered from to Examples are shown below.

Choose the one that is best for you when transferring images to a PC. The folder number returns to No. This method is useful when grouping files on separate cards. AUTO : Even if a new card is inserted, the folder number and file number are retained from the previous card, so the same file number is not used on different cards.

This helps you to manage multiple cards. This method is useful when you want to manage all your files with sequential numbers. No more pictures can be taken. Replace the card with a new one. It is not necessary to operate this function frequently. Approximately once a year is recommended. Wait over a minute after the monitor is used or continuous shots are taken to allow for proper performance of the Pixel Mapping function.

OK button 2 Arrow pad Press. Although a lot of people only upload images to Instagram from their smartphones, the app is much more than just a mobile photography platform. In this guide we've chosen a selection of cameras that make it easy to shoot compelling lifestyle images, ideal for sharing on social media. Photojournalist Dirck Halstead, known for capturing pivotal historical moments, passed away last week at age Which is the better buy?

A new 75mm is set to join Sirui's 50mm to begin a set of T2. This year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are now open for entries. The grand prize winner will go on an amazing safari in Kenya. As always, the contest is free to enter. The New York Times reports former U.

President Donald Trump wanted a cut of the book advanced for a photo book his official White House photographer had intended to publish. Kosmo Foto has rounded up a list of some of the strangest film cameras to ever go into production. Fujifilm says the price increase is a result of 'soaring raw materials, transportation costs, etc.

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of Earendel, a star that existed within the first billion years following the big bang. Its light has taken Earendel is the most distant star ever observed. The mm lens breaks new ground for pinhole lenses by combining zooming capabilities with an adjustable aperture.

We've shot and examined our studio scene, and its images are a match for the OM System OM-1 in a lot of circumstances. Digging into the shadows shows there's a dynamic range cost at low ISO for this clever, fast sensor. The camera is one of just 23 0-Series units manufactured and was personally owned and used by Oskar Barnack, the inventor of 35mm still photography, before being passed down to his son, Conrad.

Rather than send the lenses in for a lengthy repair and exchange, Lensrentals' Roger Cicala and Aaron Closz decided to take apart an affected lens to see if they could fix it themselves. Check out the gallery to see what it has to offer. The new cards are a bit slower than their GB V90 SDXC counterparts and cost substantially more, but offer double the storage on a single card for those who need as much storage as possible on a single card.

Find out for yourself. Hubble's photos never fail to impress. The latest cosmic portrait focuses on the spiral galaxy NGC , which is about 60 million light-years from Earth. The spiral galaxy is part of the larger Virgo cluster that contains more than a thousand galaxies.

Some cameras just feel right the moment they land in your hand. To celebrate great ergonomics, Chris Niccolls runs down his top five handling digital cameras of all time. It is faster than previous NeRF models and can turn a series of 2D images into a 3D scene in seconds.

Photographer Ronaldo Carvalho noticed his Olympus Trip 35 film camera was falling apart. So, to make the most of the remaining components, he decided to remove the previously-fixed lens and adapt it to his Canon EOS R6 camera. CineStill says the new film 'is a fine grain film that delivers a soft color palette with natural saturated color and rich, warm skin tones. If you guessed that the inside of the Sony a1 would look like every other recent Sony camera, you'd be partially right.

It's familiar, yes, but thanks to a teardown by Kolari Vision, we get to see just how many changes Sony has made to its latest flagship camera. The second-generation 35mm autofocus prime lens offers better color rendering and improved autofocus performance when shooting video, according to Samyang. Join us as we take a closer look at Sony's new mm F4 power zoom, and investigate some of the less obvious aspects of its design. Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register.

Best cameras and lenses. Now reading: Three new Olympus digital cameras. Tags: olympus. Olympus D C Olympus C Zoom. Support DPReview. Shop with. Olympus D View Comments 0. Comments All 0. No comments have been written yet. Be the first to write one! You may also like. Olympus E-1 successor; P-1 pictures.

Olympus E-1 successor hinting continues. Olympus E and preview. Olympus E Latest sample galleries. Venus Optics Laowa 45mm F0. Laowa 20mm F4 Shift Sample Gallery. See more galleries ». Latest in-depth reviews. Read more reviews ». Latest buying guides. Best cameras for landscape photography in Best drones in Best video cameras for photographers in Best cameras for Instagram in Check out more buying guides ».

Discover more challenges ». Famed American photojournalist Dirck Halstead, who captured pivotal historical moments, dies at Apr 3, Apr 2, 66 video. Sirui launches 75mm 1. Apr 1, Donald Trump tried to profit off former White House photographer's book, sold his own instead. Film Friday: The 10 quirkiest compact film cameras that made it to production.

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Cisco cna software download Select YES and press. Enables the zoom shooting at larger magnification than the maximum optical zoom. Follow the instructions below to install the USB driver in your computer. Whenever possible, turn the camera off when you do not intend to take any pictures for a while. If you want the flash to fire on a brightly illuminated subject, set the flash to fill-in mode. When changing the card, be sure to turn the camera off before opening the card cover.
Olympus c-460 zoom software download Note: Time is entered using the hour format. Little battery power is used. The display also adjusts its brightness to cater for the surrounding light conditions, whether it be on a beach or in a brightly-lit room. If the image will be printed, higher resolutions larger numbers are recommended so that the image will be clearer. Before you begin using your Olympus Digital camera Single-frame shooting P. Although a lot of people only upload images to Instagram from their smartphones, the app is much more than just a mobile photography platform.
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