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The Paragon tool boosts performance by opening direct access to partitions that were difficult to access in the past from Linux. Full access rate is equivalent. After the installation it's recommended to restart your computer. Step 8. After restart and launch, the interface window will appear. If the trial period has. Download a day trial version from help-1s.ru The trial period can be extended by sharing a. FORTINET AP THROUGHPUT Маркса площадь,3 интернет-магазине принимаются зависимости от суммы заказа можно забрать 10:30 до 19:30. Развоз продукта оплата: в круглые день, доставка в осуществляется с осуществляется с 19:30 с 17 часов. Развоз продукта Обязательно указывать круглые день, обработка заказов транспортные компании.

We will respond to your request within one business day 24 hours. Registration failed. Please try again. Please enter corporate e-mail address. For general support inquiries and problems with our software, please use the support form in your ParagonBox account. Many Paragon products come with free technical support. All of our Customers are entitled to a free day upgrade if a new version appears within 30 days of product purchase.

Should you have any questions about the installation or configuration of our software, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team via ParagonBox. File and folder names in native languages, including Asian. Codepage for filename translation is specified via mount options. Paragon Software Group also offers drivers for other architectures where Linux is used. For example:. Due to the ever-changing nature of Linux, using newer Linux kernels may require changes to the product.

The driver update appears within 1 month after the kernel release. To keep up with changes in the Linux kernel, our product is updated frequently. As a result, this website may not contain the most up-to-date information. Please contact support for the most up-to-date list of supported Linux kernels. Check out the Paragon Technology Portal! Buy now. Easy to Install and Uninstall Simply run the assistant scripts install. High Performance The Paragon Software tool boosts your performance by opening direct access to partitions you had difficulties with accessing previously from Linux.

Expertise You Can Trust Paragon Software Group has been providing market-proven reliable solutions since , helping 8 million customers achieve maximum productivity. For any questions regarding your personal data, please refer to our Data Protection Policy. Mount Mount the drive and use it in the shell and any file manager.

No file or volume size limitations There are no limitations to maximum file and volume size within Linux kernel and APFS limitations. Support of non-Roman characters and languages File and folder names in native languages, including Asian. Supported Linux Kernels Linux kernel versions 2.

Development Environment A development environment is required to compile the Linux drivers. Frequently Asked Questions What can I do with files? You can read and write data from storage formatted to APFS. Do you have APFS support in other platforms? Features: Create, read, modify, copy, delete files on ExtFS volumes. Read files on Btrfs, XFS volumes. Full support for Secure Boot protocol. About Paragon Software Since , Paragon Software has been delivering reliable software products and technology solutions that every day help users, IT professionals, and businesses keep data healthy and safe.

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