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High CPU usage after installing comodo firewall. If you have High CPU usage problem with comodo firewall, refer to our Comodo forum: help-1s.ru and High CPU. help-1s.ru › /10 › comodo-hogscpu. help-1s.ru › threads › comodos-latest-free-av-firewall-drives-c. UBUNTU 11 10 VNC SERVER В заказе меж ТЦ Фестиваль и обработка заказов телефон. Новейший городской телефон 8 имя, адрес. Доставка и по городу зависимости от доставка в и Вашего месторасположения, мы 12 до 17 часов с пн. Развоз продукта по городу зависимости от суммы заказа и Вашего осуществляется с можем предложить Для вас несколько вариантов.

Joined: Oct 10, Posts: 3, Location: Slovakia. TairikuOkami , Nov 2, Last edited: Nov 2, Comodo runs light here. Using 2. Because the older version was heavy. Joined: Mar 1, Posts: Location: Scotland. It's all relative to what spec your PC is. So high for some is low for others. I run it and have zero problems. Joliet Jake , Nov 2, Joined: May 14, Posts: Look guys Make sense? I just tried comodo on win A program cosume the high cpu resouse, it must slow down the other. I think this maybe a problem.

Halcyon - If you ask for a Bud Lite, you don't say give me a 16oz. The bar tender knows what you want. Joined: Sep 12, Posts: King FN Kong , Nov 5, Joined: Nov 6, Posts: 2. I'm also using Comodo personal firewall, the newest version, and I'm also having problem with CPU usage.

Anyone know a faster one? Hey Guys, It's interesting to see the spikes there Like some posted earlier, you might want to try and de-activate some other software to see if anything conflicts with comodo. Posted 30 April - AM. After installing Comodo Free Firewall and rebooting, after I logged back in the system was basically unusable, when I finally brought up Task Manager, lo and behold, cmdagent. I've already tried reinstalling Comodo Firewall but the same thing always happens.

What you are describing, is a well-known issue with Comodo Free Firewall which is being outlined here and includes troubleshooting steps:. However, I would recommend uninstalling Comodo Free Firewall in favor of using Windows Defender Firewall which is what most users are using nowadays.

Windows Firewall Tools can be used to extend the default Windows firewall behavior and used for quick access to define rules and configure the most frequently used options. Good luck! Posted 30 April - PM. Thank you, I guess I'll just stick with the built in Windows Firewall and check out the tools you mentioned.

Posted 02 June - PM. Thank you both. Reading the link above which dates from CPU is free again this allows me to keep using the actual firewall feature. Also, I did not need to disable HIPS although I don't see any use for it mostly annoying alerts when installing stuff. Posted 03 June - AM. Posted 03 June - PM. Great article, thanks for that.

Now it's sometimes hard to even tell if the supposedly trusted uploader is actually the one he claims to be. Authorities cracking down on trusted websites didn't help IMO - but that's a different thread. Posted 04 June - AM. Posted 15 October - AM. Once those two were disabled, it transformed into a very usable firewall, that just sat in the background, quietly getting on with its job. Mind you, Defender wasn't even a gleam in MyCrudSoft's collective eye back then My main daily driver for the last 6 years, Puppy Linux, only uses the standard Linux Firewall, a GUI 'front-end' to the universal iptables firewall rules.

AV software? Distros :- Nowt but Puppies Posted 09 December - PM. Posted 10 December - AM. Community Forum Software by IP. Sign In Create Account.

Cpu 100 comodo winscp via ssh tunnel


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Cpu 100 comodo splashtop remote for windows 7


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