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Thankfully, UltraVNC supports saving session passwords and the feature can be activated as shown ahead. Follow instructions below to save remote desktop session password in UltraVNC :. We have diwali on our hands I what I came here to see was missing Diwali special deals, Buyers guide or anything of that sort So plz post sumthing that could benifit us this shopping festival.

That's fine. Fast, and most importantly safe program for remote control of computers. Advantages, high speed, reliable security system. Skip to main content. Comments Dude give it a break!! Windows 7? Right click on the Ultr VNC icon in the tray and select properties. Press Apply and then OK. Try to connect to the server. If actually on the server when trying to connect, the screen will go into a loop and and keep displaying the same thing over and over again like two mirros looking at each other.

If everything works this step is complete. Then go to the How To Create page and download the custom. The most important is the configuration in the helpdesk. You should see the aforementioned. It will most likely drop the. I originally wrote this article back in The following is the article updated to work with Windows 7 and 8.

Yermo sent me a link to the UltraVNC site. A very cool way to connect remotely to a Windows Desktop for customer support. This will allow you to provide a customer with an one-click, outbound connection to your system that will then allow you to administer their computer remotely. The files that I downloaded were:. It should start the server and put an Ultra VNC icon in the menu tray at the bottom right of your screen.

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