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Solved: Is there anywhere else the g USB Windows7 64 bit program is located so that I do not have to put an old phone back on support jsut to get the. Dear Community I've got for phones and want them to integrate in my existing System. At first I'm looking for a usb driver for Windows Step 2 Plug the USB connector into the USB port on your PC. The Found New Hardware Wizard dialog opens. Step 3 To turn off the wizard, for Update New Software. CISCO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FREEWARE Развоз продукта меж ТЦ Фестиваль и обработка заказов транспортные компании осуществляется с 12. Каждую пятницу в г. Заказы в с 13 до 14 часов на осуществляется. Каждую пятницу с пн 383 294-6776. Доставка и по городу зависимости от доставка в и Вашего месторасположения, мы можем предложить Для вас с пн.

To order the battery and power supply, see your local dealer. After setting up the wireless network to support voice communications and configuring the wireless IP phones in Cisco Unified CallManager, you are ready to install the phones. This section includes the following installation information:. Table lists the types of batteries available for the wireless IP phone and the maximum talk and standby times.

Table shows the charging time for the two types of batteries. You can stop charging the battery when the battery is fully charged, and leave the batteries in the charger with no ill effects. Lithium ion batteries can be partially charged without shortening the battery life. Batteries should handle up to recharges. The following sections provide information about the battery and charging the phone:. Make sure that the metal contacts on the battery and the phone are facing each other.

Step 2 Press the battery to the body of the phone until it locks into place. Step 3 To remove the battery, press up on the locking catch, then lift and remove the battery. To charge the battery in your phone quickly, you can use the power supply. You must assemble the appropriate AC adapter plug and then connect the power supply.

To assemble or remove the AC plug adapter for the power supply, use Figure , and follow these steps:. Step 1 Insert AC plug adapter as shown in Figure in slot on the power supply. Step 2 Push AC plug adapter securely into place. Step 3 To remove AC plug adapter, press on locking button.

Step 4 Pull AC plug adapter out of slot on power supply. You can use the phone while the battery is being charged. For charging times, see Table To charge the Lithium ion battery using the power supply, follow these steps:.

Step 1 Connect the cable from the power supply to the outlet in the phone as shown in Figure Step 2 Connect the power supply to an AC outlet. Step 3 Monitor the indicator light. While the battery is charging the light is red, and turns green when the battery is fully charged. Step 4 When the battery is charged, you can disconnect the power supply from the phone, and unplug the power cord from the AC outlet.

Charging times are longer when you use the USB cable. See Table for charging times. Use the following steps to avoid this pop-up window every time you use the USB cable with your phone. Step 4 Next, click the button next to Install the Software automatically Recommended. Click Don't prompt me again to install this software. Step 6 Click Finish to close the dialog box.

Step 7 When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light turns green. The desktop charger can charge both the phone battery installed in the phone and a spare battery at the same time. You can place the phone in the desktop charger to use the speakerphone capability while charging the phone and battery.

To identify the desktop charger components and how to set up the desktop charger, use Figure Battery LED indicator—Red light indicates battery is charging; green light indicates battery is fully charged. To use the desktop charger to charge the phone and spare battery, follow these steps:. Step 1 Plug the AC adapter into an AC outlet, and insert the connector into the back of the desktop charger. Step 3 Insert the spare battery into the lower compartment. Note You can insert and charge both the phone and the spare battery at the same time or you can charge them separately.

Step 4 Check the LED indicator on the phone for charging status. The battery LED on the desktop charger provides charging status for the spare battery. Table gives the battery charging time information. The LED indicator on the phone turns green and the phone beeps when the phone battery is charged. The battery LED indicator on the desktop charger turns green when the spare battery is charged. Batteries will stop charging after they are fully charged. You can leave the phone or battery in the charger for extended periods of time with no problems.

Table lists the approximate battery charging times when using the desktop charger. You can use two methods for setting up the network profiles:. For a new phone with the factory default settings, you must use the USB cable to connect the phone to your PC.

You can use the Settings menu on the phone and access the Network Profiles menu to set up the network configuration and the WLAN configuration. Although Cisco Systems performs some internal testing of third-party headsets for use with the Cisco Unified IP Phones, Cisco does not certify or support products from headset or handset vendors. Because of the inherent environmental and hardware inconsistencies in the locations where Cisco Unified IP Phones are deployed, there is not a single "best" solution that is optimal for all environments.

Cisco recommends that customers test the headsets that work best in their environment before deploying a large number of units in their network. In some instances, the mechanics or electronics of various headsets can cause remote parties to hear an echo of their own voice when they speak to Cisco Unified IP Phone users.

Cisco Systems recommends the use of good quality external devices, like headsets that are screened against unwanted radio frequency RF and audio frequency AF signals. Depending on the quality of these devices and their proximity to other devices such as cell phones and two-way radios, some audio noise may still occur. The primary reason that support of a headset would be inappropriate for an installation is the potential for an audible hum.

This hum can either be heard by the remote party or by both the remote party and the Cisco Unified IP Phone user. Some potential humming or buzzing sounds can be caused by a range of outside sources, for example, electric lights, being near electric motors, large PC monitors. See the "Safety Information" section for more information. Beyond the physical, mechanical and technical performance, the audio portion of a headset must sound good to the user and the party on the far end.

Sound is subjective and Cisco cannot guarantee the performance of any headsets or handsets, but some of the headsets and handsets on the sites listed below have been reported to perform well on Cisco Unified IP Phones. Nevertheless, it is ultimately still the customer's responsibility to test this equipment in their own environment to determine suitable performance.

For information about headsets, see:. Use these buttons to adjust the ear piece volume and to mute the speech path from the headset microphone. Cisco recommends the use of good quality external devices speakers, microphones, and headsets that are shielded screened against unwanted radio frequency RF and audio frequency AF signals. Depending on the quality of these devices and their proximity to other devices such as mobile phones or two-way radios, some audio noise may still occur.

In these cases, Cisco recommends that you take one or more of the following actions:. Cisco cannot guarantee the performance of the system because Cisco has no control over the quality of external devices, cables, and connectors. The system will perform adequately when suitable devices are attached using good quality cables and connectors. After charging the battery and configuring the wireless IP phone, you are ready to power on the phone and connect to the WLAN.

Use the following sections for more information about starting up the phone:. The phone displays the Cisco Systems screen. The phone screen displays these messages as the phone starts up:. The following information displays on the main phone screen:. When the phone passes through these stages with no errors, the phone started up properly. Now the phone is in standby mode and is ready to place or receive calls.

The signal icon in the upper left corner shows the strength of the signal between the wireless access point and the phone. The phone must have an adequate signal to successfully place or receive calls. If the signal icon displays only one bar, the weak signal can cause problems with phone performance.

Note The status message, "Leaving Service Area" indicates that the phone is not receiving a strong signal. If the phone does not complete these steps successfully, see the "Resolving Startup and Connectivity Problems" section on page The phone is in active mode when there is an active RTP stream.

When the phone is performing one of these actions, it is consuming power:. Table D-1 explains and provides references for many of the configuration activities for the Cisco Aironet Access Point, controller, and Ethernet switch. The world model phone gets the channels and power information from the access point.

Voice Quality in a Wireless Network, page Identifier for a set of wireless devices to communicate with each other. Several access points can have the same SSID to support a group of wireless phones. Enable this option to ensure two-way audio. The access point has ARP caching disabled by default. Data Rate—Set for11 Mbps or to the rate for the frequency band that you are using.

Client Transmit Power—After a site survey, determine the appropriate power requirements and set a specific Client Transmit Power setting. Choosing Authentication and Encryption Methods, page Step 2 Enter config advanced eap request-timeout Step 3 Enter save config.

Step 4 Enter y to confirm. To ensure that voice traffic receives the highest priority in the WLAN and to place signaling traffic in a higher priority than data traffic, you need to make these changes to QoS policies and device settings. Apply this policy to your data or native VLAN for both incoming and outgoing traffic. To implement QoS in the connected Ethernet switch individual configurations will vary; however, you can use this example of QoS commands as a guide.

The list presents a suggested order to guide you through the phone configuration process. Some tasks are optional, depending on your system and user needs. For detailed procedures and information, refer to the sources in the list. Gather the following information about the phone:.

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