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A remote user then connects to Xvnc via the VNC client vncviewer from anywhere on the network to view and interact with the whole virtual X11 desktop. The VNC. Qt configuration; Run a VNC server on embedded system install and use Qt Embedded (previously known as Qtopia). VNC (Virtual Network Computing) software makes it possible to view and interact with one computer (the "server") from any other computer or mobile device (the ". WINSCP GET FILE DELETE Развоз продукта по городу Новосибирску и суммы заказа транспортные компании осуществляется с 12 до Для вас несколько вариантов. по пятницу телефон 8 имя, адрес. Маркса площадь,3 меж ТЦ имя, адрес ТЦ Версаль стоянке.

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Scripts to automate ssh tunneling: As discussed below, there may be some problems with port being available. If that happens, the above port and display numbers may change a bit e. However, if you "know" port will be free on the local and remote machines, you can easily automate the above two steps by using the x11vnc option -bg forks into background after connection to the display is set up or using the -f option of ssh.

Some example scripts are shown below. Feel free to try the ssh -C to enable its compression and see if that speeds things up noticeably. A simple example script, assuming no problems with port being taken on the local or remote sides, looks like:. Another method is to start the VNC viewer in listen mode "vncviewer -listen" and have x11vnc initiate a reverse connection using the -connect option:.

Note the use of the ssh option "-R" instead of "-L" to set up a remote port redirection. A third way is specific to the TightVNC vncviewer special option -via for gateways. Of course if you already have the x11vnc running waiting for connections or have it started out of inetd 8 , you can simply use the TightVNC "vncviewer -via gateway host:port" in its default mode to provide secure ssh tunnelling. VNC password file: Also note in the 1.

The vncpasswd or storepasswd programs, or the x11vnc -storepasswd option can be used to create the password file. Very Important: It is up to YOU to tell x11vnc to use password protection -rfbauth or -passwdfile , it will NOT do it for you automatically or force you to use -usepw if you want to be forced to.

The same goes for encrypting the channel between the viewer and x11vnc: it is up to you to use ssh, stunnel, -ssl mode, a VPN, etc. Although not as ubiquitous as ssh, SSL tunnelling still provides a useful alternative.

See this FAQ on -ssl and -stunnel modes for details and examples. And many other enhancements too. I use libvncserver for all of the VNC aspects; I couldn't have done without it. The full source code may be found and downloaded either file-release tarball or GIT tree from the above link. As of Sep , the x11vnc The x11vnc 0.

The x11vnc package is the subset of the libvncserver package needed to build the x11vnc program. Also, you can get a copy of my latest, bleeding edge x11vnc The above example would be: "rx11vnc far-away. Also included is an experimental script rx11vnc. Have a look at them to see what they do and customize as needed:. On a Debian-based distro you can simply do. You might want to take a look at the dfferent configure options provided by configure --help to build without X11 or adapt the build to your needs in other ways.

So on Solaris 9 you can pick up everything with something like this:. These are getting pretty long, see those assignments split up in the build script below. Other important build utilities are there too: ld, ar, etc. Starting with the 0.

If you need to build on Solaris 2. Also starting with the 0. For jpeg and zlib you will need to do the same sort of thing as described above for Solaris. It is a good idea to have static archives, e. Where we had static archives libjpeg. On HP-UX As a workaround for x11vnc 0. If you need to do this, contact me and I will give you a drastic recipe that will produce a working binary. AIX: one user had to add the "X For a recent build on AIX 5.

There is now native Mac OS X support for x11vnc by using the raw framebuffer feature. This mode does not use or need X11 at all. To build you may need to disable X However, if your system has the Mac OS X build package for X11 apps you will not need to supply the "--without-x" option in this case the resulting x11vnc would be able to export both the native Mac OS X display and windows displayed in the XDarwin X server.

Be sure to include the. Starting with version 0. For this to be enabled the libssl. As of x11vnc 0. Note that from OpenSSL 1. In summary this means compiling x11vnc against OpenSSL 1. On Solaris using static archives libssl. We collect here rare build problems some users have reported and the corresponding workarounds.

See also the FAQ's on building. ENV parameter: One user had a problem where the build script below was failing because his work environment had the ENV variable set to a script that was resetting his PATH so that gcc could no longer be found. Typing "unset ENV", etc. A bug has been filed against autoconf to guard against this.

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7. Note that Ubuntu is based on Debian, so perhaps this is the list needed on Debian testing? To build in Avahi mDNS service advertising support it would appear that libavahi-client-dev is needed as well. Exceedingly slow compilation: x11vnc has a couple of files which contain very large "case statements" over cases that on some platforms can take a very long time to compile in extreme cases over an hour.

For 64bit systems using gcc the problem appears to be much worse. The two files with the large number of cases, remote. So if the compile times are getting too long for you for these two files you will need to manually change some things. Those lines assume gnu make gmake is being used. If you are using another make, say Solaris make, insert these instead:.

You could write a build shell script that modified the Makefile this way before running make. The "-O0" note it is "capital Oh" followed by "zero" assumes the gcc compiler. If you are using a different compiler you will need to find the command line option to disable optimization, or otherwise have the lines set CFLAGS to the empty string.

Evidently on the old SuSE 9. Here is an example build failure:. It is sometimes confusing to people that x11vnc is both a client and a server at the same time. It is an X client because it connects to the running X server to do the screen polls. Think of it as a rather efficient "screenshot" program running continuously. It is a server in the sense that it is a VNC server that VNC viewers on the network can connect to and view the screen framebuffer it manages.

When trying to debug problems, remember to think of both roles. Both links may have reachability, permission, and other issues. Whether you are using Xvnc or x11vnc it is always a good idea to have a solid background color instead of a pretty background image. Each and every re-exposure of the background must be resent over the network: better to have that background be a solid color that compresses very well compared to a photo image.

This is one place where the X protocol has an advantage over the VNC protocol. I suggest using xsetroot, dtstyle or similar utility to set a solid background while using x11vnc. You can turn the pretty background image back on when you are using the display directly. One needs a tightvnc-aware vncviewer to take advantage of this encoding.

Had port been taken by some other application, x11vnc would have next tried That would mean the viewer command above should be changed to vncviewer far-away. If that port is already taken, x11vnc will exit immediately. Useful options are, e. How does x11vnc do it? When changes are discovered, it instructs libvncserver which rectangular regions of the framebuffer have changed, and libvncserver compresses the changes and sends them off to any connected VNC viewers.

A number of applications do similar things, such as x0rfbserver, krfb, x0vncserver, vino. This is a surprisingly effective algorithm for finding changed regions. This greatly reduces the system load when not much is changing on the screen and also improves how quickly the screen is updated. What if x11vnc is started up, and vncviewer is then started up on the same machine and displayed on the same display x11vnc is polling?

One might "accidentally" do this when first testing out the programs. There will be an even more interesting effect if -scale is used. Although all of this is mildly exciting it is not much use: you will normally run and display the viewer on a different machine! Experiment with interacting a bit differently than you normally do to minimize the effects e. Recent work has provided the -scrollcopyrect and -wireframe speedups using the CopyRect VNC encoding and other things, but they only speed up some activities, not all.

A rate limiting factor for x11vnc performance is that graphics hardware is optimized for writing, not reading x11vnc reads the video framebuffer for the screen image data. The difference can be a factor of 10 to , and so it usually takes about 0. So whenever activity changes most of the screen e. A slow framebuffer read rate will often be the performance bottleneck on a fast LAN whereas on slower links the reduced network bandwidth becomes the bottleneck.

Note: A quick way to get a 2X speedup of this for x11vnc is to switch your X server from depth 24 32bpp to depth 16 16bpp. You get a 4X speedup going to 8bpp, but the lack of color cells is usually unacceptable. To get a sense of the read and write speeds of your video card, you can run benchmarks like: "x11perf -getimage", "x11perf -putimage", "x11perf -shmput" and for XFree86 displays with direct graphics access the "dga" command press "b" to run the benchmark and then after a few seconds press "q" to quit.

Note that this disables 2D acceleration at the physical display and so that might be unacceptable if one plays games, etc. Nevertheless this could be handy in some circumstances, e. Unfortunately it does not seem shadowfb can be turned on and off dynamically Another amusing thing one can do is use Xvfb as the X server, e. You may need to use the "-cc 4" option to force Xvfb to use a TrueColor visual instead of DirectColor. See also the description of the -create option that does all of this automatically for you be sure to install the Xvfb package, e.

See this FAQ for details. Somewhat surprisingly, the X11 mouse cursor shape is write-only and cannot be queried from the X server. So traditionally in x11vnc the cursor shape stays fixed at an arrow. A similar thing is done on IRIX as well when -overlay is supplied. Audio from applications is of course not redirected separate redirectors do exist, e. The scroll detection algorithm for the -scrollcopyrect option can give choppy or bunched up transient output and occasionally painting errors.

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