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complete tutoriel to install on an environment FreeBSD a Web server + server Metin2. Produce you on your sFTP by WinSCP for example. Discussion on Please Help Me!!! I Really Need You!:confused: within the Metin2 Private Server forum part of the Metin2 category. «Metin2 Private Server Forum. This guide contains a simplified description of downloading and installing WinSCP. You may want to see detailed documentation of the process instead. CANNOT ACCESS REMOTE COMPUTER ANYDESK Маркса площадь,3 по городу до 14 ТЦ Версаль транспортные компании. Наш интернет-магазин дает составляющие для производства доставка в свеч ручной осуществляется с 12 до 17 часов с пн. В заказе телефон 8 до 14.

Your host, during the installation may ask you to create a user, other than the root system user. It's more or less similar to a remote control software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer except that it's used in command line! PuTTY being much more ergonomic for copying and pasting commands You must double click on the registered server of your choice to initiate a connection. Extract the archive and keep these archives on your computer. This is the resolver library configuration file used to determine, among other things, which DNS Servers your server will use to communicate with the global network.

We are going to modify the configuration of SSH to allow the root user to connect to it. It's possible that the configuration of your host is the one already described in this guide, in this case, you can ignore the possible modifications. Did your host give you the root user credentials? You can skip this step. PKG is a package manager. You can install packages, that is, programs that you can use under FreeBSD.

PKG itself is a program. However, during a recent installation of FreeBSD, the package manager may not be enabled or installed by default. An advantage of PKG is the fact that it automatically installs the dependencies of the programs you want to install! The package manager is now activated, we will do an update, run the following command:. MySQL is a database manager, it's he who saves all the information relating to your accounts, your characters, inventories It uses what is called the SQL language.

Without him we would be nothing! As part of Metin2 Project, the database backs up, stores all data relating to your Metin2 Project Server, accounts, characters, inventories, state of quests Python is an interpreted, multi-paradigm, cross-platform programming language.

It promotes structured, functional and object-oriented imperative programming. Python is used on the Metin2 Project to compile the game's quests. GMake is software that automatically builds files, often executables, or libraries from basic elements such as source code.

It uses files called makefiles which specify how to build the target files. Developer's Image Library DevIL is a library for developing applications with very powerful image loading capabilities, easy to learn and use for a developer. It's used to analyze kernel dumps when a program terminates due to an unhandled error.

LLVM Devel. Its low-level interface uses LLVM libraries for compilation. It uses SSH and is open source. The purpose of this program is to enable secure copying of files between a local computer and a remote computer. You will use it to transfer files to it. You will find there the files of the FreeBSD operating system, the programs which have been installed, but also, most importantly, the files of our Metin2 Project Server.

When you open the program for the first time, it automatically offers you the connection manager:. To initiate the connection, you must double click on the server you have registered. WinSCP will automatically connect with the username and password that have been registered. We need to create the databases so that your Metin2 Project Server can save the information it needs Let's get started!

We will first connect to MySQL from the command line:. You have your databases, your users, yet they have no rights, they can't do anything! Run this series of commands:. Navicat is a graphical database management and development software suite, it will allow you to manage your databases and the data stored in them. As part of Metin2 Project, we use MySQL, the database records and stores all data relating to your Metin2 Project Server, accounts, characters, inventories, state of quests Logins are available on the topic where you have downloaded Metin2 Project.

It only remains to confirm by clicking twice on the buttons: « OK ». To open a data table, also double click on it. The databases are empty, it's necessary to import the default data from the Metin2 Project Server. This ensures that your passwords are not in the clear in your database, a measure of security and confidentiality. Assign « GM » permissions. Adding permissions to a user involves a lot of responsibility, for this we will use Navicat to connect to the MySQL Server.

You have defined the accesses, you must reload them, two solutions:. At this stage, the server has not started, the next start of the Metin2 Project Server will suffice to update your character's accesses. On your computer, you have an archive, you are going to transfer Metin2 Server Project. Metin2 Project needs to be rebuilt in its new environment. Metin2 Project Shell Manager takes care of all manipulations!

Before starting the compilation of the projects, it's necessary to clean the compiled objects. You will, compile all the projects, one after the other in this order:. You will find a folder with the same name of the archive that you unzipped in the directory where the archive is located.

EterNexus will recreate a new archive with the same name of the folder and in the same location where the same directory is located. It's necessary to link your Metin2 Project Client to your Metin2 Project Server, for this we will enter the IP address of your server within the game client configuration. You must first extract the Metin2 Project Client archive.

PY », it contains all the information about your server, the IP address, the name, the port of access At the beginning of this file, there is a list of sample servers to guide you through the changes. At the beginning of the file you must find the following block:. You must replace « XXX. After that, you simply need to compress the « ROOT » archive.

It allows you to manage your Metin2 Project Server with ease! You have a multitude of options available to you that allow you to manage Metin2 Project as simply as possible. Each time you run the above command, you must choose one of these options by entering it and then validating it with the « ENTER » key on your keyboard. It's time for you to materialize in the virtual and wonderful world of Metin2 Project! Enjoy the great and beautiful Metin2 Project adventure This part is optional, if you want to install forum or a website for your Metin2 Project Server, it's necessary to prepare your web environment on your FreeBSD Server.

If you don't have a domain name, you are wasting your time. PHP is an object-oriented imperative language. It can be easily integrated into HTML. We use PHP with its multiple functions in order to be quiet when designing your websites. Let's Encrypt is a certification authority. Once installed, it's necessary to configure Apache so that it starts automatically when your FreeBSD Server starts up, configure virtual hosts and general parameters.

Virtual Hosts. Thanks to these it will be possible to manage many websites on the same server, for example you would like to have your main domain for the website and a subdomain for your forum? Ah well, it's possible! We are going to create the directories of our websites according to the domain name: understand that the directories below are the roots of your websites, this is where you will have to install your websites!

HTTPS was invented in order to meet the integrity and confidentiality needs of the data exchanged and especially the authentication of the server. HTTPS is then useful to prevent the theft of information on the website by malicious third parties. When an Internet user visits an unsecured website with his browser, he will see the word unsecured in red in the address bar.

This warning could encourage him to fear the website and to leave it to visit another It's important to provide your domain name with a security certificate. We will be using Certbot by Let's Encrypt.

Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority launched on December 3, This CA provides free X. You must enter an email address, Let's Encrypt warns you if a problem occurs with your certificate or its validity. World Wide Web. The goal is to show you where the root directories of your websites are. You must place there, in these directories: your forum, website It's the root document of each of your virtual hosts. The configuration of a forum, of a website being specific to each application, will not be specified in this guide.

This part is optional if you want to use Metin2 Project as is without making modifications to the game sources. If you need to modify or add source files to Metin2 Project, it's necessary to prepare your compilation environment on your computer. Visual Studio. Dump Proto. Made With and. EnKor 2 posts. DLP23 2 posts. Arturschick 2 posts. March 19, March 21, You can then recompile the game and the db with and April 2, I gived all grants in mysql, pass etc.

Hey, first of all thanks for the awesome guide, it was really simple to follow around and interesting for someone that has never worked with this stuff before! I have an issue that I couldn't solve by googling and looking for some solution, maybe this is something that someone already encountered before. I followed everything up until the compiling part with m2sh, everything compiles without any issue but when I get to compile DB and GAME that throw those errors respectively:.

So, those are probably newbie errors but I'm pretty much a beginner so I am not really sure what's wrong. I am running FreeBSD I tried just for the sake of doing it to still start the server after those errors, the procedure seemed to work not throwing any errors but the client was stuck at connecting to the server I configured the IP , so I assume that this is because of those errors.

Some help would be really appreciated, thanks already! To clean up the game and the db. That was the problem and a stupid one as well indeed Everything is working, thank you a lot again! Please feel free to write on this topic if you have any problems. I haven't done a lot of testing, I'm waiting for feedback to improve the server files! Hello there, i recently found this forum and i am really glad that i did. For years now i am trying to make my own project server but i stuck back in with the daroo files and the logmein hamachi situation.

I want to make a question: "If i run a vm on a local server and modify the client, is it possible to use this client on a dedicated server later? For years now i am trying to make my own project server but stuck buck in with the daroo files and the logmein hamachi situation. But server dont save items in db. As I indicated, I did not thoroughly test the serverfiles. Currently I am working on Metin2 Download, I will check for issues a bit later.

When I tried to compile the DB src with the shell, it printed me 60k lines in the terminal with some errors. I executed the following order before the The server is currently running, thanks for the great description! No changes. I haven't been able to find out any information about this at the moment. You wrote one should install the latest available version of FreeBSD. The latest stable release is FreeBSD You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

Existing user? Login with Discord. Sign In Sign Up. Metin2 Project - How to create a Metin2 private server on dedicated server. Share More sharing options Followers 3. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted March 19, Introduction This is the resolver library configuration file used to determine, among other things, which DNS Servers your server will use to communicate with the global network. Introduction PKG is a package manager. Introduction MySQL is a database manager, it's he who saves all the information relating to your accounts, your characters, inventories Introduction Python is an interpreted, multi-paradigm, cross-platform programming language.

Introduction GMake is software that automatically builds files, often executables, or libraries from basic elements such as source code. Introduction MakeDepend is a tool used to generate source file dependencies. Introduction Developer's Image Library DevIL is a library for developing applications with very powerful image loading capabilities, easy to learn and use for a developer. Prerequisites Download and install the latest version of Hidden Content Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

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